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What is SWAET?

The Scandinavian Workshop on Applied Eye Tracking (SWAET) is an interdisciplinary meeting place for graduate students, researchers, industry, and other people using eye tracking as a measurement tool. Topics being covered in this conference include (but are not limited to) language processing, visual scene perception, medical imaging, decision making, problem solving, traffic safety, expertise, education, social cognition, real-world interaction, attention and memory.

SWAET was first organized by Kenneth Holmqvist and colleagues in Lund in 2006. In subsequent years it has been repeatedly kept in Lund, but also in Stavanger and Stockholm. In 2016, SWAET is being organized for the 7th time, and it visits Finland for the first time in the beautiful city of Turku.

Organizing committee
Fred Andersson, Raymond Bertram (Chair), Timo Heikkilä, Kenneth Holmqvist, Jukka Hyönä, Tuomo Häikiö, Johanna Kaakinen, Aki Kyröläinen, Henri Olkoniemi, Marjaana Puurtinen, Seppo Vainio

Welcome reception, lunches, dinner, refreshments, conference dinner

The conference fee covers the welcome reception on Sunday, lunches on Monday and Tuesday, as well as coffee and refreshments on every day of the workshop. During the welcome reception, there will be servings of drinks as well as a salad buffet. On Monday, the lunch is in the form of a light lunch (i.e., baquette). On Tuesday, a hot meal will be served in a cafeteria located in the building next to the venue. Don't forget to wear your name tag to get your lunch on Tuesday!

On Monday evening, the bus will transport those enrolled for the conference dinner to the archipelago of Turku. The bus will leave from the Turku Cathedral at 18:30. The event will last until 23:30, when the bus will bring people back to Turku.

Original photo of Ruissalo: Tiia Monto CC BY-SA 4.0
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