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Where is SWAET 2016 located?

SWAET 2016 will be held at the Turku University premises in Turku, Finland within a walking distance of the city center. Turku is a vibrant university city of approx. 185,000 inhabitants, located in the South-Western coast of Finland. Turku, the former capital of Finland, is a beautiful summer town - though with the long dark winters that can be said of most Finnish cities - with lively river banks filled with nice restaurants and culture. The Turku archipelago, a unique area in the world scale, is located nearby.

For information about the venue, go to this page.
For information about how to get to Turku, go to this page.
For information about accommodation, go to this page.

Original photo of the King's Hall in Turku Castle: Jyrki Salmi CC BY-SA 2.0
Page last updated: May 18, 2016